Czech Heritage Society Harris County Chapter

Czechs in America

  • Ceske Katolicke Osady V Americe (Hessouna, Josef; 1890)
  • Czech Americans, The (Sakson-Ford, Stephanie; 1989)
  • Czechs and Slovaks in America (Roucek, Joseph S.; 1967)
  • Gazetteer of Czech Texas 1939 (Janak, Robert; 1994)
  • German Texans, The (McGuire, James Patrick; 1970)
  • History of Czechs in America (Habenicht, Jan; 1996)
  • History of Czechs in Cedar Rapids, The (Griffith, Martha E.; 1944)
  • In Search of America (Jennings, Peter and Brewster,Todd; 2002)
  • Libuse and Kolin, The Story of (Walker, Dr. Rosie; 2000)
  • Texas Veterans of Czech Ancestry (CHS of Texas; 1999)
  • Those Who Served: The Czechs of Radides Parish in WW I (Hazmark, Frances; 1998)